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Our people are passionate and have a deep love for the king of instruments, "the pipe organ". Our technical team has spent years in the repairs and maintenance of this remarkable instrument.
Our commitment is to exceptional services and incomparable customer care in the quest to keep our organ community coming back again and again. We will never stop improving and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the organ industry in South Africa and neighboring countries. We look forward to you supporting us as customers.

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We are proudly providing high quality services to South Africa and neighboring countries.

What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

Our Services


Pipe Organ Specialists

Exactly What You Need

Pipe Organ Specialists specialize in:

  • tuning service and maintenance

  • pipe repair, voicing, and intonation

  • relocating of organs

  • upgrading and expansions

  • solid-state systems

We’re committed to helping our customers every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all their needs. Read below to learn about the range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.







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Welcome to the Multiplexer Pipe Organ Solid-State System (MPOSS).

Pipe organ control systems are notoriously expensive, especially with our South African exchange rate disadvantage. Hence, Pipe Organ Specialists saw the need to design a locally based, affordable solution without compromising performance. We are proud of the end solution that is extremely tactile to play with no latency. This is due to unique multiplexing techniques in the scanning of divisions and the output registering in the chamber to the magnets. The magnet output drivers are the latest technology in metal-oxide field-effect transistors (MOSFETS) that deliver super high speed switching at high current. It is a contactless computerized switching system with no arcing.
The input and output cards have LEDs per channel for easy diagnostics if the input is being registered (input card) or an output to a magnet is on/off. (output card). The console and chamber microcontrollers have software firmware versions that can be upgraded if required making the system flexible for future expansion of the organ.
The system uses a standard RJ45 10/100Mb per second networking Ethernet cable to interface the console and chamber up to 100 meters apart. This is the only cable required between the console and the chamber.
The preset capture system saves the data to a built-in SD card.
The Multiplexer interfaces with unique external PC/laptop (your preference) software (via simple USB cable) that records and plays back the actual pipe organ. (Not via speakers). All recordings can be saved and recalled. You can also edit the MIDI tracks by adding and removing stops after the fact. You can play your favorite MIDI track downloaded off the Internet.
The system can handle the less overhead slider control organs but also the most complex of unison organs that share ranks and have many more magnets to control.
The system is all locally designed and assembled and comes with a full 5-year guarantee. Our test organ “Nigel” has been played by many organists to ensure zero errors and an electronic system that will never let you down.
The system was developed and tested over many years by Pipe Organ Specialists and we would welcome to chat with you and provide a solution for your unique pipe organ.

Console Processor
IO Cards
IO Cards.jpeg
Chamber Processor

Introducing the stop motor solid-state card

Pipe Organ Specialist is happy to introduce the new Stop Motor Solid State Card with a microprocessor. This came after intense research and development to find the solution to old motors that were not opening and closing properly.

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Pipe Organ Specialists is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments, or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Technical Director

Archie Devere: +27 83 630 5825

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Ferdinand le Grange: +27 72 736 6906

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